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wait did you erase part of my mastema?? I don’t understand how it wasn’t kid friendly (or did someone else erase part of it I don’t understand goggles)

Nah, someone else did! I just kept deleting things that were explicitly nsfw, hehe (I think we have enough dicks on the megaten franchise as it is, let’s leave it at that, am I right?)


Hello friends, I’m back!

I thought I’d change the page for a while but had to go out again so “shin dancing furiously tensei” ended up staying for longer than I originally intended, haha…

I changed it because the things people suddenly started drawing were unfit for a hard core family friendly hacker club, and I wouldn’t be able to erase them


teh-canape asked: No, thankfully. Only got two allies dead, but managed to escape because those Malphas kept spamming Marin Karin like they're feathery Mitsurus. On the good side, I escaped the battle. On the bad side, I went back into the dungeon.

A-ha! Congratulations on escaping your game over… for now! Hang in there


(Funny how Marin Karin only seems to work when it’s used AGAINST you, huh? Whyyyy must it always be like this…?)


Anonymous asked: I don't mind that Carrie from Stephen King's book told me she would like to meet me again and hopes that I'll be a zombie by then, in a labyrinth underneath a warped black market in an alternate world. But the fact that Medicine doesn't remove the Sickness status ailment just shatters my disbelief.

For a minute I didn’t realize you were probably talking about this Carrie


and got really confused hahaha

But hey, different kinds of cure for different kinds of problem, right? Sometimes a demon hurt your life points in battle, sometimes you just got a cold… You can’t treat those in the same way!